With over 350 slots, there’s something for everyone at Dragon Tiger Casino in Central City. Check out the newest machines in Colorado along with your old favorites. We’ve even got those hard-to-find video craps, blackjack and roulette too. And, as always, use your Players Club Card for access to members-only discounts and promotions.

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Whether you play slots or video poker, you’ll enjoy our friendly atmosphere and attentive service

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Players always receive complimentary drinks delivered right to your machine

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Dragon Tiger Noodle Company


Expertly Curated from Every Delicious Corner of Asia

At The Dragon Tiger Noodle Company, the choice is yours! YOU choose the noodle; ramen to low carb, YOU choose the broth; Tonkotsu to Chinese Chicken soup, YOU choose the protein and vegetables; thinly sliced beef to corn. Served fast with only the freshest ingredients.

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