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Maverick Gaming is the owner and operator of 22 cardrooms in Washington State and a handful of other properties in Nevada and Colorado. We hope to establish and re-imagine what cardrooms can be as a neighborhood entertainment option, employer, and community partner. 

As we continue to expand our investment in Washington, we are committed to being good neighbors and members of the community. 

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Leadership in Responsible Gaming 

“Self-exclusion” gives problem gamblers the opportunity to identify themselves and avoid risking their wallets and their well-being. As of June 2021, the Washington State Gambling Commission requires establishment of a self-exclusion policy across all gaming properties in Washington.  

Over a year before it was required, as a part of its core responsible gaming philosophy, Maverick Gaming was the first in the state to implement and activate a centralized self-exclusion system statewide, barring problem gamblers from all of our card rooms. We are happy to provide a safe place for the 97% of people who can place bets responsibly and for fun. For those who cannot, centralized self-exclusion will help us to prohibit self-harm while gambling in our facilities. 

Supporting Community Programs on Problem Gaming 

At Maverick Gaming, our purpose is to provide a fun, safe entertainment choice for our customers, the vast majority of which enjoy gaming responsibly. For those who cannot, our approach is to provide support for programs and policies that help ensure those who struggle with problem gambling have access to the help they need.  

In 2021, Maverick Gaming contributed thousands to the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (2020 contribution was $194,381). The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to providing services and programs for problem gamblers, their families, employers, students, treatment professionals, and the greater community through gambling addiction treatment support, information and education, advocacy, research, and prevention efforts. Maverick Gaming’s contribution to the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is funded by setting aside a portion of bets placed in house-banked card-games. 

Good-Paying Jobs 

As we continue to expand our investment in Washington, we know that our employees are the heart of our business and on the front lines of providing a first-class experience to our guests. Part of being good neighbors and members of the community is being a good employer. We are confident enough in our commitment to our employees that we’ve worked with local labor organizations to ensure we’re working together on sustainable, family wage jobs. 

In December of 2019, more than 1,700 card room workers employed by Maverick Gaming chose to become members of Teamsters Local 117, authorized as the workers’ exclusive bargaining representative through a card check process conducted by an independent arbitrator. 

As noted by Teamsters 117 in MAVERICK GAMING INDUSTRY WORKERS CHOOSE TEAMSTERS LOCAL 117, “Maverick provides an excellent example of how a company should conduct itself during a union organizing drive…While some employers fire workers or aggressively spread anti-union propaganda, Maverick trusted its workers to decide for themselves whether they wanted to join the union.” 


Maverick Gaming wants to participate as a good corporate citizen and a good neighbor. We want to redefine what a casino is for our guests, providing a local neighborhood option where you can come together with friends after work or to watch the game. 

Maverick Gaming is a proud partner with, and member of, local organizations across Washington. 

Local Businesses:

ABS Business Data


Galaxy Gaming

Small Threads


Harts Services

Eagle Harbor Winery Company

Eleven Winery

Strawberry Lane

Cougar Mountain Zoo

Point Defiance Zoo

Acroppolis Pizza

Lynwood Bowl & Skate

Pump It Up – Kirkland

Sykart Racing

The Jungle Gym

Waterland Arcade

Museum of Flight

Blue Mountain Theatre

Yakima Family Fun Center

Go Bowl Pasco

Yakult USA


The Young Guy Podcast

Western Bay Software

Royal Gamut Properties


Cascade Government Affairs

Chambers of Commerce:

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

Greater Renton Chamber of Commerce

Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Tri City Regional Chamber of Commerce

Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce

Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce

Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce

Greater Pasco Area Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Public Policy 

The ownership and senior management of Maverick Gaming believes their company has an obligation and responsibility to actively participate in civic and political life. In 2019, Maverick Gaming established a political action committee (PAC) to advocate for and on behalf of its employees and company priorities. Maverick’s corporate culture is to participate in the political process, in a non-partisan way, for our employees and the communities where we do business.  

Sports Betting Opportunity for all Washington Communities

Washington must take advantage of revenue streams to state coffers that strengthen the ability to meet the needs of all its residents. Sports betting is legal in a growing number of states and D.C. As of February 2, 2023, the amount of taxes collected by state and local jurisdictions, or the state share of proceeds in revenue-sharing markets nationwide since June 2018 is $2,374,274,077. Sports betting is legal in 30 states and D.C.   

In 2023, we are supporting legislation that would include Washington State commercial cardrooms in the ability to offer this popular pastime in a limited way. Revenues would create jobs and taxes paid would benefit local and state government. We are proud that the Washington State Labor Council passed a resolution (21.06) to support a sports betting bill. They joined their colleagues in Local Teamsters 117, and the labor councils of Snohomish, King and Pierce County when they announced their support. 

Legal, safe betting should be a consumer choice everywhere, not just for those willing and able to drive to a tribal destination casino. No part of legislation we support would preclude tribal sports betting offerings, which are robust and offered widely on tribal properties which offer gaming and entertainment for their guests.  

What is sports betting?  

Sports betting is the ability for a person to predict an outcome of a sporting event, put money on it, and then watch the game or match to enhance their overall experience. If you put $20 on a Seahawks or Storm game, you cheer that much louder. If your team wins, and YOU win also, it’s even better.  

Should Washington allow sports betting? 

The 2019-2020 State Legislature gave Washington Tribes the ability to offer sports betting, and sports books run on tribal properties generate much-needed revenue to support tribal communities. We support legislation that would include Washington State in the ability to offer this popular pastime in a very limited way in existing cardrooms and racetracks only, with revenues benefiting local and state government. In particular, we believe that sport betting can be offered responsibly, with strict limitations that safeguard against widespread unmonitored betting, while also creating economic opportunity that supports working families in Washington communities statewide.


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I’ve Never Been In A Cardroom, What Should I Expect?2022-01-08T05:23:27-08:00

At Maverick Gaming cardrooms you can expect clean, bright, safe facilities where you can have a drink and a bite to eat while you have a fun time. We try to take care of our employees, so they are happy in their jobs, and thus providing great service to our guests. And because we are committed to being part of our communities, we hope you’ll feel at home. 

Why Did Maverick Gaming Come To Washington?2022-01-08T05:23:23-08:00

Co-founder and majority owner Eric Persson was raised in Hoquiam, Washington. His lifelong passion for gaming and his decades in the industry have come full circle with Maverick Gaming’s growth and investment here in Eric’s home state.  

What Makes Maverick Gaming Different Than Other Casinos?2022-01-08T05:23:19-08:00

Maverick Gaming is a company, but it also represents a lifelong dream come to life. We hope to establish a presence in Washington to be proud of, that has a legacy fitting of our families and for the people on our team who want to be a part of offering another option for gambling and entertainment in Washington. No one takes more pride in their work or cares more about their guest experience than we do. 

What’s The Difference Between Maverick Gaming Cardrooms and Tribal Casinos?2022-01-08T05:23:15-08:00

Washington’s tribal casinos are beautiful properties that are frequently destination resorts that offer a great experience. Maverick offers an experience that is smaller and more neighborly. Our guests can park 20 feet from the door, meet co-workers for happy hour, and have a more intimate, social experience. We are another option for people to come together that is also committed to participating as a member of the local community who knows you and what is going on in the neighborhood. As required by federal law, Washington’s tribal casinos are exclusively operated on tribal Lands following agreed-upon compacts negotiated directly between tribal and state governments. Cardrooms are non-tribal gaming options and are licensed and regulated by state government following an extensive criminal background check and other due diligence regulations before approving prospective operators. 

Under current law, sports wagering is legal for Washington Tribes but not yet in commercial cardrooms like ours. 

Where else do you have operations and where else do you plan to grow?2023-01-30T23:14:34-08:00

Maverick Gaming owns 22 card rooms in Washington State and a handful of other properties in Colorado and Nevada. 

How many employees do you have and what kinds of jobs do you provide? What’s the average salary and benefits package?2023-02-04T23:38:04-08:00

Maverick Gaming employs 2,400 Washingtonians with average salary of $70,000 and a competitive benefits package. We were proud to support our team members when they joined the ranks of Teamsters 117. Over half of the cardrooms in Washington State are represented by Teamsters 117, which represents real benefits including access to healthcare and a secure retirement. At Maverick Gaming, our goal is not only to be a good employer, but a good neighbor and an active member in the communities where we operate. It’s why our CEO created our Maverick Cares initiative, which is employee-led and in the years since it was founded, has engaged with community partners across the state to provide tens of thousands of meals, school supplies, and other supports for kids and families.

Isn’t sports betting just another opportunity for people to lose their money?2022-01-08T05:23:01-08:00

The vast majority of people who gamble do so safely and responsibly and we hope to offer them a fun time that does not threaten their well-being or risk their personal finances. Washington hosts a healthy gambling industry and a devoted and enthusiastic fan base for sports as well as national championships for several teams in recent years from the Seattle Storm (women’s professional basketball) and Seattle Sounders (major league soccer) to the Seattle Seahawks (major league football) and the Seattle Seawolves (major league rugby). As sports wagering increases in popularity across the country (currently offered in 30 states and Washington, D.C.), Maverick Gaming supports legalization and regulation of sports betting in Washington for the limited number of existing cardrooms and racetracks, an opportunity for customers and businesses alike that generates tax revenue to be used in local communities.  




Eric is a native Washingtonian, raised in Hoquiam, Washington, and from a young age, he knew he wanted to work in casinos. The first in his family to go to college, Eric attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and completed five degrees, spending time away from his considerable class load interning for former U.S. Senator Richard H. Bryan (D-NV) and in the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit of the District Attorney’s office. He went on to graduate from Georgetown Law, and returned to Nevada to begin building a career in the gaming industry.

Since then Eric has held every position from blackjack dealer to general manager and every job in between. Together with co-owner Justin Beltram, former Vice President of Slots at Bellagio and Marina Bay Sands, Maverick’s founders have over 40 years of gaming experience spanning gaming markets around the world including the Las Vegas Strip (Venetian, Palazzo, Bellagio), Macau (Sands China Limited), Singapore (Marina Bay Sands), and many regional markets in North America.

Eric and his wife Ann have four children. His company is named for his oldest son, Maverick.


Prior to his position as COO, Mr. Beltram was the Corporate Vice President of Slot Operations for Las Vegas Sands Corporation from 2014 through 2017 and the Vice President of Slots for the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore from 2011 through 2014.

Previous to those roles, Mr. Beltram was with MGM Resorts International for 11 years and held various positions including Vice President of Slots and Marketing at the Bellagio, Vice President of Slots and Marketing at the Treasure Island Casino, and numerous positions within the casino and financial departments at the Mirage.

Mr. Beltram has excelled at managing all levels of the casino business while driving incremental revenue at every property he has been employed. Several revenue records have been set by taking a creative approach to casino operations and marketing. Mr. Beltram has also been involved in creating new electronic casino games and innovations for the casino industry.

If you would like to hear from us about what’s going on at Maverick in the future, sign up here.



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